What Data Does Biotechgate Offer?

With over 1.2 million entries, it may appear overwhelming to correctly utilize the amount of data available on Biotechgate. This article will break down each category that we have available in our business development database to give you a better understanding.


Biotechgate contains company information from over 60,000 organizations around the world. While the majority of companies included in the database are biotech and pharma, other industries such as medtech and digital health are also covered. Along with NPOs and suppliers.

For pharma, a typical profile overview is shown below:

You can see an overview of the company, including relevant information such as their subsectors and who their target consumers are. The profile also includes up-to-date details on license agreements, clinical trials, therapeutics, and management – all of which will be covered further in this article.

One of the newer additions to Biotechgate company profiles is the ‘Financials’ section. Here, you can gain an insight into various financial information for publicly traded companies, including both fundamental and technical data. You also have access to the organization’s financial statements for the past four fiscal years as well quarterly financial data including their balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.


The Biotechgate business development database also gives you access to a variety of information on assets concerning therapeutics, molecular diagnostics, medical devices as well as technologies. With this function, you can find assets through all stages of their development process, from their initial discovery phase through to commercialization.

Other filters allow you to refine your search further. These include geographical region, mode of administration, and which assets are already partnered (see also “Out-Licensing Opportunities” further down).

Clinical Trials

Business development professionals must stay informed of the latest scientific studies to help identify opportunities for future collaboration. Our clinical trials section was launched in 2019 and now houses over 740,000 studies from around the world. The information is continuously updated from 20 different registries through a combination of AI and big data, ensuring full accuracy.

The section has similar filters to the Assets category, where you can search both geographically and by phase. You can also adjust the criteria according to the trial’s registration date, the type of intervention, and by a particular indication.

License Agreements

Serving as the backbone of many of your business development activities, knowing how to structure licensing deals effectively is a crucial component of any business development professional’s toolset in life sciences. Our license agreements category contains over 17,000 trials from both large and small organizations, with many also containing the original contract in PDF format. These can be used to benchmark your own deals. In the section, you can see both parties involved in the deal, with the vast majority of organizations already having a profile in the Biotechgate database which allows you to seamlessly see their previous deals.

Financing Rounds

If your business strategy maintains a focus on start-ups, you may benefit from our financing rounds section. With regularly updated rounds, you can see what companies are garnering significant investments. Like always, you have a variety of criteria to select from. This includes the sector, series type, and the development phase of the company’s most advanced therapeutic.

Out-Licensing Opportunities

Scouting for assets to in-license can be a time-consuming process, although our out-licensing section has simplified this task for you. This section has many of the filters like the aforementioned categories, allowing you to find an asset that meets your exact specifications. This includes the development phase, its origination, and mode of administration. You also have the option to specifically search for orphan drugs.

Management Details

Biotechgate contains GDPR-compliant details of over 290,000 key decision-makers throughout the life sciences industry. With this, you can quickly get in touch with the right contact for you to initiate the stages of a potential deal. Searches can be refined by their position (e.g. CEO, CCO, or Business Development) along with the company’s therapeutic areas.

Details often include their email address as well as a direct link to their LinkedIn profile, allowing you to make contact as soon as possible.

If you are interested in trying the Biotechgate Business Development database for yourself, you can avail of a free trial or a complimentary demo by contacting us »