How to Find Life Science Assets to In-License

Scouting for in-licensing opportunities can be a time-consuming task. This can simplified through Biotechgate’s licensing section, which grants you access to over 24,000 out-licensing opportunities. The user-friendly search format enables you to quickly and precisely identify the most relevant assets that suit your organizational needs.

In our Out-Licensing section, you can choose between four different types of assets – Therapeutics, Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Devices and Technologies.

If you already have a pre-existing asset or company in mind, you can start typing the details in the search bar and select the appearing option from the auto-complete suggestions. For a more complex full text search you can even use Boolean operators, if desired. Otherwise, there is a vast array of criteria available for you to pinpoint the asset you want, such as geographical location, development phase and origination. In this case, we will choose the Geographical Location as Europe and the Development Phase as Discovery.

Towards the bottom of the page, you have the option to include additional criteria to specify whether you want an orphan drug or if your result has regulatory approval. In this case, we will tick the ‘Orphan drug’ box.

Once your results have loaded, you can choose more or fewer filters with the ‘Refine Search’ button. Otherwise, you can click on the asset to discover more about it and the organization behind it, such as management, existing assets and business interests.

If you’re interested in the company or asset, you can save them to your Bookmarks. You can also save your searches and be notified of any changes, along with the ability to download your search results to Excel.

To use this feature, a subscription is required to the Biotechgate Company Database. More information about our solutions as well as the possibility to request a demo or a trial can be found on our website.