Track the Latest in Life Science Financing in Biotechgate

By continuously tracking and analyzing funding rounds in the life sciences industry, Biotechgate is your gateway to a wealth of valuable financial information. In this article, explore the robust insights into the latest investment trends that Biotechgate provides, and learn about our latest feature, the recently launched investment portfolio filter.

Navigating financing rounds with Biotechgate

Biotechgate enables subscribers to closely track financing rounds within the life sciences industry. Our comprehensive filter options allow you to tailor your search based on a variety of criteria, including geographic location, company sector and phase of lead asset. This approach ensures that subscribers find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is private or public financing, such as private equity, debt, grants or public offerings. To make sure you don’t miss a round, set up daily, weekly or monthly funding alerts using the parameters you specify.

Dedicated investor database  

In collaboration with Life Science Nation (LSN) in Boston, USA, Biotechgate presents a unique investor database. This separate module, available for purchase within Biotechgate, offers a curated list of investors who are actively seeking opportunities within the life science industry. Parameters such as the investor’s preferred investment sector or stage help to narrow down the search further. For business development managers, this means the potential to identify new partners and opportunities to collaborate.

Investment portfolio

A noteworthy addition to Biotechgate’s features is the “Investment Portfolio” checkbox. By selecting this new filter, subscribers gain access to a list detailing an investor’s history of backing life science companies. Simply tick the “Investment Portfolio” box under “Filters – profile including” on the Company tab of the business development database. After submitting the search, open the company profile and there you will find the investment portfolio section. Using Agent Capital, LLC as an example, the overview includes lead investments, dates, deal sizes, financing types, company names, and sectors. This feature serves as a transparent view of an investor’s engagement in the industry.

Detailed Financing report

In addition to a full list of rounds each month, Biotechgate provides an analysis of the latest funding trends in the industry in its comprehensive monthly financing report. The up-to-date insights allow our subscribers to make informed decisions based on the current financial landscape. Moreover, read our latest articles, which offer a summary of the top life science financing rounds and M&A dealsĀ in 2023.