Find the Latest Information on Life Science Finance Rounds

The Biotechgate financing rounds section contains up-to-date information on fundraising within the life sciences sector. Here, you can find over 23,000 rounds involving companies that have been recently funded, in particular young start-ups as well as organizations post-IPO. In this article, we will show how you can easily find up-to-date rounds according to your needs.

To find the ideal company for your criteria, there are a variety of filters available. In the Financing Rounds section, you will see a wide range of options to choose from. For this example, we will choose the ‘USA & Canada’ as our desired region. While for the financing type we will pick ‘Equity (private)’. You can choose the specific financing rounds – in this case, we will select Seed, Series A and Series B, as shown below.

Further filters can be added to your search. We will select ‘Biotechnology – Therapeutics and Diagnostics’ for the company sector. Lastly, since we want recent information, our preferred timeframe will be January 1st 2021 to January 1st 2022.

You will then see a list of results based on your criteria. If you have too many or too few results, you may consider refining your search and adding/subtracting filters. In the ‘Order by’ menu on the top right, you can sort your results by characteristics such as round date, company or financing type, as demonstrated below. Once you click on a result you will be able to see a variety of information such as the lead investors and co-investors – which are again linked to their specific company profile in Biotechgate. You can also see previous rounds that the company was involved in, if applicable.

The results can be downloaded as an Excel file or you can download the company profile as a ready-to-print PDF. Alternatively, if a particular organization catches your eye, you can set-up alerts to be notified by email when the company profile is updated with new information. To make the most of the data on Biotechgate, you also have the ability to connect our database to your organization’s CRM through our API. This way, you will be able to have the latest information on financing rounds automatically updated, along with all other relevant business development data for your desired company profiles.

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