How to Find the Latest Debt Financing Rounds in Biotechgate

Biotechgate makes it easy for you to find the latest debt financing rounds across the world. Find out how you can search for rounds that interest you in our guide below.

To start, visit the “Financing rounds” section from the Biotechgate dashboard. You will see the “Stage / type of financing” filter where you can choose “Debt financing”. From here, select any of the other criteria that are relevant to your search such as the timeframe of rounds and click “Search”.

You will then be met by the results page which you also have the option to download as an Excel file. Clicking on a result will bring you to an overview of the company’s financing rounds where you can learn more about their fundraising efforts, as displayed below.

You can revise your search criteria if necessary. As well, you can setup saved searches and alerts to be notified by email when new debt financing rounds become available.