Easy search for company names and management

You know a specific company and want to look it up in Biotechgate? This can be done very easily: Just visit the company search page and type the company name into the corresponding text field. After typing the first three characters, Biotechgate starts offering you a list of all companies matching your search criteria. You can type in additional characters to provide a more precise result for your search. After you find the company of your choice, just click on the company name and press the search button.

The same functionality is available for the management search: Type the name of the person you are looking for into the text field – the search form will propose a list of the entered persons. Just pick the one you are looking for and then click search to view the results.



To find a specific company, just start typing the company name into the company name field. Biotechgate will show you a list with all available companies.


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