Search for regions and continents

Often you want to know about companies or products from a specific region. One possibility to filter search results accordingly is to use the search criteria for single countries and states (or provinces). However these filters are often too restrictive. For this reason, Biotechgate also provides a search for grouped regions and continents. For example, this enhancement allows you to now search for companies or licensing opportunities in Europe or North America.

This search feature is implemented in Biotechgate for the search areas Companies, Products, Technologies, Financing rounds, Company valuations, Management details and Licensing opportunities.

To make use of the new feature, just go to the search form of your choice (e.g. “Product search” ), make your selection in the field “Continent / Region” and click the search button. Of course you can combine the region search with additional search criteria.



Biotechgate allows you to filter your search by regions and continents.


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