How Biotechgate Uses Artificial Intelligence

At Biotechgate, we provide you with a comprehensive life sciences database, allowing users access to up-to-date information covering companies, licensing deals, financing rounds and more. We use a unique data-sourcing process to gather large amounts of information across the entire biopharma industry, giving Biotechgate users access to unprecedented information – thanks, in part, to artificial intelligence (AI). 

The database contains over 1.4 million entries, with information continuously being updated. While some of this data is acquired through our ongoing collaborations with cluster organizations as well as self-declared data from companies themselves, we also utilize AI through a crawler created as a result of a two-year project titled DISCOVER involving Biotechgate, Venture Valuation, Innosuisse and the Swiss Institute for Information Research.

At least 90% of the World Wide Web falls under the label of the “deep web”. This refers to parts of the Internet that aren’t indexed by search engines, such as academic databases, government resources, and ontologies. The DISCOVER crawler serves as a way to fulfill the data extraction requirements from areas such as the deep web to garner a wide array of data covering companies, financing rounds and license agreements, representing the complete data mining process of data acquisition, extraction, and curation.

The tool works by developing an index of relevant life science organizations. Any content changes are matched against a data ontology, resulting in the creation of a list of companies and webpages containing potential announcements about any relevant organizational changes. This can, of course, come with a host of technical challenges, such as processing large amounts of data points all the while extracting the information required and ignoring irrelevant parts.

To provide some form of mitigation to this problem and to ensure utmost accuracy, all data is reviewed by our team of analysts before being enacted into company profiles. We also place a particular emphasis on ensuring that the data is well-structured and easily searchable amongst our 1.4 million total entries.

We pride ourselves on the data provided being up-to-date, accurate and relevant, serving as a key resource for business development professionals, investors and many more organizations who utilize it when conducting their business deals, researching their competitors or for a variety of other uses. This combined approach of AI and human intervention allows us to offer you a comprehensive and up-to-date life sciences database.

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