Stay Updated on the Latest Pharma and Biotech License Agreements

Collaboration and in-licensing are becoming increasingly popular within the biotech and pharma industry landscapes, with license agreements serving as the representation of that symbiotic relationship. You may want to view a company’s previous license agreements for business development purposes, competitive intelligence, or simply out of curiosity. The good news is that Biotechgate has you covered.

About our License Agreements Section

Our License Agreements section contains over 20,000 deals from both large and small companies across the world. We are constantly adding to our directory through a screening process involving AI algorithms which is then reviewed by our analysts.

There is a variety of criteria to choose from, such as the agreement type, collaboration type, and the year – with our records going back to 1986. You also have the option to choose what Territory you want to search in. This field includes countries, continents as well as geographical groupings (eg. APAC). If you want to search for agreements enacted globally, tick the ‘Worldwide’ option.

Finding Agreements

For this demonstration, we will search for deals between 2019 and 2022 and choose the Type of Collaboration as Co-development. Towards the bottom, there are three deal-related options that you can choose from: Upfront, Milestone, and Deal Size.

Upfront refers to the upfront payment involved in the agreement. Milestone is milestone payments, which are pre-determined payments that are generally received by smaller biotech companies from their larger partners once their collaboration project passes a specified goal. Lastly, Deal Size is rather self-explanatory and refers to the total size of the deal between the parties. We will adjust this to be between $100-800 million.

Once you find a result that you are interested in, click on it and you will be given an in-depth look at the license agreement. Here, you can view further information such as a description of the deal, the press release, or the original contract, if available.

Both the licensor and licensee are also shown. Thanks to our collection of over 60,000 companies, the majority of parties involved already have a profile on our database. So, to view more information about both parties, click on their profile where you can learn about the organization’s previous deals, clinical trials, management, and many other details.

More information as well as a set of free sample license agreements can be found on our website.