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Switzerland Life Science Trend Analysis 2023

Although shifts in the geopolitical landscape affected the Swiss life sciences industry in 2022, it resisted a major downturn in terms of private equity funding. Swiss biotech companies raised a total of USD 590 million in venture capital in 36 financing rounds. This is less than in the previous three years, but matches pre-COVID 19 levels. In addition, the year-to-year growth rate of new life sciences ventures remained stable.

In Switzerland, 22% of all life science organisations are biotech companies, with a similar split between biotech therapeutics and diagnostics (44%) and R&D services companies (41%). Other biotech companies such as agricultural, food or industrial biotech account for 15%. The canton of Basel-City leads in the number of biotech therapeutics and diagnostics companies, followed by Zurich and Vaud. Of all cantons, Zurich hosts the most biotech R&D services, medtech, and digital health companies.

Download our report to learn more about the life science industry trends in Switzerland. We would like to thank our partners Swiss Biotech Association, Basel Area Business & Innovation and Life Science Zurich/Innovation Zurich for their collaboration on this year’s trend analysis.