How to Use Biotechgate for Your Business Development

With over 1.4 million total entries, the comprehensive Biotechgate Business Development Database serves as a vital tool for life science professionals worldwide in their organizations. In this article, you will find just some of the reasons that Biotechgate can enhance the business development activities of you and your colleagues.

Market Exploration

Containing over 65,000 individual companies, the Biotechgate database can aid you in identifying prospective organizations in a matter of minutes based on various types of criteria. In the ‘Companies’ section of the platform, you can select a variety of filters encompassing geography, sectors, therapeutic areas and more.

Furthermore, you can search by assets in order to identify relevant companies. In the ‘Assets’ section you’re able to choose criteria such as the development phase, type and licensing status – allowing you to find assets available for out-licensing. Once you have chosen your filters and clicked ‘Search’, you will then see the page of results. Clicking on an asset will bring up more information about it as well as any other assets that the organization has in their pipeline.

For a simple geographical search, Biotechgate also offers the option for you to find companies based on their physical location through the Global Map feature. Choose the appropriate sector and find organizations’ offices through the integrated map.

Conference Preparation

Conferences are integral sources of business development in the life sciences industry, being a key avenue for finding your organization’s next collaboration. Here, the Biotechgate database plays an important role in ensuring you are well-prepared for any upcoming conferences, from finding the first prospects through to the day of the event itself. 

With a list of companies that are attending the conference on hand, you can learn more information about them by searching the ‘Companies’ section of Biotechgate as described earlier. Further to this, you are also able to identify key management figures including their business development managers – employees who are likely to be representing the organization during the conference. These are integrated with the company profiles and you can also search for them individually in the ‘Management’ category. Information can include their name, position, as well as their email and a direct link to their LinkedIn profile.

You also have the option to bookmark companies and add notes to them to aid you on the day of the conference. To do this, simply click into the company profile and go to the ‘Notes’ tab. You can define the type of relationship, the type of note and also add any additional information that you wish.

To view a collection of your notes, click on your name in the top-right of the screen and select either ‘Notes’ or ‘Profiles with notes’.  

Industry Reports

Amidst an ever-changing sector and business climate, it’s vital to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments in order to not fall behind. Biotechgate offers a variety of reports that can help you with this. The first of these is our country trend reports. Here, we cover a variety of countries and regions in yearly summaries of their biotech industry. Second is the monthly financing summary in conjunction with Venture Valuation. This lets you stay updated on financing trends in the life sciences industry including investment, recent IPOs and the financial performance of therapeutic areas. The latest report can be found here.

To help find your next collaboration, sign up for free to our quarterly Biotechgate Digital Partnering conference. Here, you can connect one-to-one with companies from around the world alongside informal networking sessions and workshops hosted by industry experts.

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