France Life Science Trend Analysis 2023

The Healthcare Innovation 2023 strategy, launched in 2021 and supported with USD 7.9 billion, aims to establish France as a European leader in the life sciences industry by promoting innovation and growth. One year on, this plan appears to be on track: Despite uncertain market conditions and unlike most other European countries, France was able to increase its life science venture funding in 2022 compared to the previous year (2022: USD 2,274 million vs. 2021: USD 1,859 million). As Biotechgate data shows, 2022 is the strongest year yet for the French biotech sector in terms of venture capital investment, with almost USD 1 billion worth of private equity raised. However, fewer companies went public.

Read more in our report, produced in collaboration with our French partners Alliance Innovation Santé Nouvelle-Aquitaine (ALLIS-NA) and Medicen Paris Region.