How Biotechgate Creates a Global Database

With over 1.2 million total entries, each data point that is added by our update process is verified by our analysts to ensure that Biotechgate users have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. We utilize a unique data sourcing process to gather a large amount of life science information on both large multinationals as well as small start-ups from around the world.

AI-Powered Web Crawler

Our clinical trials database of over 750,000 entries consistently gathers data from 20 different registries around the world supported by our DISCOVER crawler. This allows access to web pages that aren’t indexed by search engines which other databases may omit. The crawler also analyses the websites of companies listed on Biotechgate to check for the latest information, including recently closed licensing agreements along with the latest financing rounds. Learn more about the crawler in our article ‘How Big Data is used for our Clinical Trials Database’ »

Self-Declared Data

Over 30% of companies in our database review and update profile information themselves. This gives up-to-date information directly from the source, with their updates being reviewed before they are ultimately published. If your organization is listed on Biotechgate and you have information to contribute, simply send an update request.  


We also run the HelloPartnering platform that has been used for numerous physical, virtual, and hybrid conferences since its inception in 2017. With thousands of business professionals using it every year at different  life science evens, the platform is linked directly to Biotechgate to allow for another source of self-declared company information covering aspects such as their updated pipeline and latest financial information.

Collaboration with Cluster Organizations

Key to our update process is our ongoing partnerships with over 40 life science clusters and associations from all over the world. These partners inform us of the latest company news in their region, allowing us to closely track relevant changes about the listed organizations as well as keep an eye on new start-ups or spin-off companies from that particular region. Our ongoing collaboration also aids us in creating monthly country reports that show the latest life science industry information in that area.

The combination of these factors allows us to fulfill our goal of having a global database consisting of well-structured, up-to-date information that can be utilized throughout your organization.