The Most Important Features in HelloPartnering

HelloPartnering is a conference platform suitable for virtual, onsite, or hybrid partnering events. The system allows participants to easily identify prospects to contact and schedule one-on-one meetings with. In this article, you’ll find a quick overview on the most important features that you need to know for a successful partnering meeting.


Once you log in to your HelloPartnering account, you will be greeted by the homepage which displays an overview of your account, such as number of meeting requests sent or received, the names of yourself and other company delegates attending the event etc.

 On top you’ll find the main navigation with 6 different main sections: 

  1. Home
  2. Profile
  3. Agenda
  4. Search
  5. Messenger
  6. Media Center


The Profile page allows you to adjust both your Company Profile and Personal Profile. Oftentimes, your company information can be imported from Biotechgate’s database of over 60,000 organizations. While for your Personal Profile, you can add details such as a profile photo, social media information, and professional background.


The Agenda section includes two main components – the conference agenda and your meeting schedule. In the conference agenda, you can adjust the timeslots to suit your preferences, while also see what is happening during the conference, such as workshops and networking events. All your scheduled meetings or sessions that you registered for can be downloaded as an .ics file to add to your personal calendar. The meeting schedule, meanwhile, displays a condensed view of your meetings, showing the delegates involved, the time, and the location (or the link to the video call if it’s an online or hybrid meeting).


The HelloPartnering search page lets you search for both companies and individual delegates. There’s an array of criteria available for you to pinpoint the organization that best suits your needs. These include industry sector, their therapeutic field or their latest financing round. Participants can be found in much the same way, except you also have the option to specify their position – such as business development, CEOs, and many others.


HelloPartnering has a fully integrated messenger where participants can accept or decline incoming meeting requests as well as communicate with other delegates. With the messenger, you can also easily send your contact details in the form of a vCard.

Media Center

The Media Center allows participants to upload both, recorded company presentations as well as slides, where representatives can showcase their organization and describe what they do.

Do you need more information? Additional tips are available on the upper right corner under the “Help” section of your HelloPartnering account. Join our next conference for free: Biotechgate Digital Partnering.