Overcoming Partnering and Licensing Challenges in the Life Sciences Industry

Finding partners that complement your Biotech or Medtech business is a lot easier said than done. What criteria can you go by? By utilizing the intelligence found in Biotechgate, you can not only quickly and efficiently find the right partner, but also analyze the company in-depth.

Our out-licensing section contains over 90,000 assets, divided among Therapeutics, Molecular Diagnostics, Medical Devices, and Technologies. As shown in the screenshot below, you can further refine your search by development phase, mode of administration, or where marketing rights are available. Once the asset is chosen, you can identify key management within the company and view other details that may be of interest to you. You can also bookmark the company for later and be notified of any changes to the profile.

If you’re a services company such as a CRO or CMO where your focus is on growing your client base; finding early-stage pipeline information, especially from Discovery or Preclinical stage, can be crucial to gaining a competitive advantage. By specifically searching for companies with early-stage assets that are complementary to your services, you can find those hard-to-reach prospects. Furthermore, you can filter companies by their most recent financing round to identify potential clients that are catching the interest of investors, as shown below.

While our database contains over 3,400 publicly traded companies from around the world, we give a particular focus to small, private life science organizations that other databases may not cover. These types of companies tend to fly under the radar and are thus neglected, yet they may have technologies or assets that offer great potential. This attention to smaller companies is aided through our partnerships with clusters and associations around the globe, with the vast majority of companies listed on the Biotechgate database being private entities.

You can also use the Out-Licensing section in tandem with our License Agreements collection, containing over 15,000 agreements and regularly updated by both our analysts and AI. Here you can again filter amongst a wide range of criteria, like Collaboration Type and Clinical Phase.

Essential information such as pipeline quality, the progression of clinical trials, and financing information are the basis of any initial prospect/partner evaluation. When prospecting biotech or pharma companies, finding early-stage assets that are complementary to your specific investment or business development interest allows you to save time by ruling out the unlikely prospects quickly and allowing you to focus your time and efforts on solid propositions.

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