Find Life Science Investors and Incubators in Biotechgate

When starting a biotech company, there are many challenges on the way to creating a successful business. Securing the necessary resources – be it funding, networking opportunities, or mentorship – is one of the most crucial and demanding tasks a biotech company faces in business.

To efficiently identify the right incubators and investors relevant to your business, Biotechgate offers a comprehensive solution to help you navigate the search and save time and money.

Search for Investors

In the Biotechgate investor database, there are a range of criteria available to help you find relevant investors. Utilize various search criteria such as country, year of foundation and investor type to pinpoint the right fit for your business. Whether you are looking for a venture capital fund or private investor, Biotechgate lists various funds and investment firms with varying investment interests. Here is an overview of the most popular types of investors and how they are categorized within Biotechgate:

  • Venture Capital Fund: By far the most popular type of investor for life sciences start-ups, venture capital funds tend to focus on specific market segments, such as innovative technologies, breakthrough therapies or healthcare services. They seek high-growth potential start-ups and offer funding at every stage of your company’s growth, ranging from seed to Series A, B and beyond.
  • Private Investor / Family Office: Individual wealthy investors or family offices allocate capital to companies, often at later stages of development. Private investors may have a more flexible investment approach compared to VC funds, a longer investment horizon, and bring valuable experience and strategic guidance to the table.
  • Corporate investor: Corporate investors are established companies or corporations that strategically invest in and acquire control of smaller life science ventures to expand their product pipelines, enter new markets, or gain access to innovative technologies. They typically have a lower risk tolerance than VC funds and private investors, as they may prioritize strategic alignment and synergies with their existing business operations. Corporate life science investors often have significant resources and industry expertise.

Find the right incubator

Biotech incubators specialize in supporting young life science companies, offering laboratory space, networking options or expertise. If you are specifically looking for incubators providing a full range of mentoring and consulting services as well as funding to start-ups, you can leverage the filter “Business Model” and select “Business incubation” under the companies tab. You can additionally narrow down your search to find incubators in your region.

Introducing the investor tab

With the upcoming release of the new Biotechgate version, subscribers gain access to the “Investors” tab within the results list. This is a convenient and easy-to-use tool to identify investors who have already invested in similar companies or sectors.

Simply search the “Companies” section using the filters that interest you. For example, you can choose specific sectors, narrow the search geographically or by the year the company was founded. On the results page, click on the “Investors” tab next to the “Map” tab to explore a curated list of investors who have funded the companies that match your search filters. View their investment portfolios and specifications to determine their funding interests. You can also download the results in Excel.