Medtech Categorization in Biotechgate Explained

The Medical Technology (medtech) category is one of the six core company sectors in the Biotechgate database. Read our brief overview on what exactly this area consists of and how we define companies that fall under the medtech umbrella.

Based on our categorization system, medtech companies are defined as those involved in the research, development, production and marketing of systems and devices for medical applications in both humans and animals.

Currently, the medtech field is divided into 19 different subsectors. See below for a guide on a select number of categories in the Biotechgate database:

  • Diagnostic Devices: The most popular category in terms of number of companies listed. This area covers companies that develop non-radiation devices utilized to diagnose diseases and other conditions. This category excludes molecular diagnostics.

  • Technical Aids for Disabled Persons: These are companies that produce technical aids designed to help disabled people. Products in this category include hearing aids, prostheses and colostomy bags.

  • Active Implantable Devices: This category includes a wide range of devices such as pacemakers, cochlear implants and ventricular assist systems. Devices under this banner rely on a source of energy or source of power to function that is not attributed to the human body or gravity.

  • Non-Active Implantable Devices: Similar to the previous category, these devices are implanted in the human body and remain there after the procedure. Conversely, they do not have an integral power source. Items such as coronary stents or joint replacements fall under this banner.

  • Imaging: Companies in this category research and develop technologies for the visualization of body parts, tissues or organs for use in clinical diagnosis, treatment and disease monitoring. Examples include X-ray machines, MRIs and CTs.

  • Biomaterials: These are companies whose primary area of research is substances that have been engineered to interact with biological systems for a medical purpose.

There are a variety of other subsectors included in our database, with new additions being made due to the ever-evolving nature of the medtech field. View the full list of categories here.

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