Introducing M&A deals to Biotechgate

Biotechgate is continuously working on enhancements and new tools to boost the experience for our users. Currently, Biotechgate is developing a new release, which is planned for early 2024: Among the various new features that subscribers can look forward to, one in particular worth highlighting revolves around M&A deals and is unique on the market in this form. In anticipation of the new version, one of the founders of Biotechgate by Venture Valuation, COO Jost Renggli, provides insights into what you can expect.

1. Jost, you are building a dedicated M&A deals module within the Biotechgate database. Can you tell our users in what form this new dataset will be made available?

Jost: Certainly, we’re introducing an independent database module within Biotechgate exclusively for M&A deals. Much like our existing business development database, users will have a wealth of filter options to search for transactions. The deal information can be easily viewed within the browser or downloaded in convenient formats like PDF and Excel.

2. What filter options will users have at their disposal to refine their searches within the M&A deals section?

Jost: Users will have a wide array of filter options to customize their searches, including:

  • Date and geographical details of the transactions.
  • Deal size and type.
  • Categorization of the target or buyer company.
  • Valuable pipeline information, such as phase of lead asset and indications.

This level of detail allows users to pinpoint their specific areas of interest.

3. With the life sciences industry constantly evolving, how will the new M&A deals section stay up-to-date, ensuring users have access to the latest information?

Jost: Staying current is our priority. Our team of data analysts continuously updates the database to ensure that the profiles are kept up to date. Thanks to these updates, we’ve regularly flagged companies that have merged or been acquired, maintaining a comprehensive record of M&A activity for years. Now, we’re making this data available to the public while further enhancing its quality.

In addition, our more than 30 global partnerships provide us with valuable sources and information on M&A deals.

4. How will users be introduced to this new M&A deals section within the database?

Jost: Our goal is to provide an easy and user-friendly experience for our subscribers, so that they can use the new features and tools as intuitively as possible. However, to ensure a smooth transition, we’ll provide video tutorials and comprehensive guidelines to familiarize users with the new features.

5. In addition to the M&A deals section, could you share a preview of other tools or features users can look forward to in the upcoming release?

Jost: Absolutely. We’ve enriched the data with more data points, including detailed information about assets such as their molecular structure and international non-proprietary names. Plus, we are linking assets to their corresponding clinical trials. In addition we improve the connection between the over 60,000 companies listed in Biotechgate. As an example, we map the group structure of the companies or highlight which investors have invested in which companies, assets, etc. All of this will make the search experience even more refined and efficient for our users.

Furthermore, we’ve recently signed an agreement with an external company which will allow us to offer analyst reports by biotech and pharma experts and increase the depth of insights for our users. We’ll keep our subscribers updated on this latest development in the coming weeks.

6. What is your overall goal behind these enhancements, and how do you envision them improving the overall user experience on Biotechgate?

Jost: Our primary goal is to enhance the user experience and performance of Biotechgate. We continuously seek feedback to introduce more filters or search options and improve the connections between data, such as between assets and clinical trials, companies and investors. Our users can look forward to a platform that is not only more comprehensive but also more efficient.

7. As we anticipate the launch of the new version in early 2024, is there a way for Biotechgate subscribers to get some insights into the M&A deals and trends before the official release?

Jost: Of course, for those who want to get a head start, our comprehensive M&A Report offers insights into current M&A activity and trends. While the full database will be available early next year, this report is a valuable resource to stay updated in the meantime.

Stay tuned for more powerful enhancements and updates as we look forward to the early 2024 release of Biotechgate. Thank you, Jost, for sharing these insights with our users.