Digital Health Categorization in Biotechgate Explained

Previously referred to as HealthTech, the digital health category is one of the six core company sectors in the Biotechgate database. Read our brief overview on what exactly this area consists of and how we define companies that fall under the digital health umbrella.

The digital health sector does not always fit into the common understanding of life sciences, but these companies develop products and services targeted to both patients and healthcare providers, built on a foundation of information and communication technologies.

Currently, the digital health field is divided into 16 different subsectors whereby a digital health company can be active in several of those. See below for a guide on a selected number of categories in the Biotechgate database:

  • Artificial Intelligence: The most popular category in terms of number of companies listed and one that has been the subject of much attention in recent years. This refers to digital health organizations that utilize artificial intelligence in their products and services whether it be clinical diagnostics, monitoring, or virtual health assistants.
  • Electronic Medical Record / Electronic Health Record: These are companies that provide software products that support physicians and medical practices, including electronic claims management software.

  • Health & Wellness (IoT): This category encompasses organizations that develop devices with the ability to connect and exchange data and information with other devices. Prominent companies that would fall into this category include Cisco and Fitbit.

  • Medical Big Data & Analytics: Companies in this field are involved in the gathering, storage and exploitation of medical-related big data. Activities under this banner typically consist of providing cloud-based data platforms, solutions and services to other organizations.

  • Mobile Health / Fitness Apps: This category can have some overlap with the Health & Wellness section. Here, the category includes firms that provide smartphone applications to both consumers as well as physicians and healthcare facilities that center around a patient’s fitness and well-being.

  • Remote Monitoring: Remote health monitoring has proven to be a growing category in the Biotechgate database. This category is defined as companies that provide technologies that enable patients outside of the typical clinical settings such as blood pressure monitors, cardiac monitors and data-storing glucometers.

There are a variety of other subsectors included in our database, with new additions being made due to the ever-evolving nature of the digital health field. View the full list of categories here.

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