Biotechgate announces the launch of a clinical trial database

Zurich, 25th March 2019

Biotechgate announces the launch of a clinical trial database with more than 460,000 trial records. Clinical trial data is imported from more than 13 registries around the world and continuously updated and catalogued. Thanks to the use of newly developed smart software components, the data is presented in a well-structured and easily searchable format, with links to Biotechgate listed companies whenever possible.

The new trial database collates information from clinical registries around the world, bringing together multiple data sources that are made available through Biotechgate. The information is made easily accessible and provides a consistent format for all clinical trial data. In addition, a timeline for each trial can be shown that allows users to monitor the progress of and updates to specific trials.

The implementation of the new clinical trial registry was made possible through a Big Data project called DISCOVER in collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Information Research (SII). The project was funded by Innosuisse and Venture Valuation and has lasted for more than two years. Thanks to this newly developed software the clinical trials registry will be updated on a continuous basis and in a very user-friendly way. By linking clinical trial data to existing company profiles in Biotechgate, significant additional value is provided to users in the form of company background, key management contacts, the financing rounds history, R&D pipeline information and more.

Jost Renggli, COO of Venture Valuation/Biotechgate and lead for the project, said: “The combination of nearly half a million Clinical Trial Records with the existing Company Profiles in Biotechgate represents a great value added for all Biotechgate users. Thanks to novel data structuring algorithms and very user-friendly search forms, we have managed to make a very large amount of data easily accessible to users.”

The new clinical trial section is available as a “beta” version in Biotechgate and is constantly being improved, updated and supplemented.


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