How to find the right investor?

If your immediate need is to acquire funding in 2015 then finding and evaluating the right investor is as crucial as securing the right amount. Life sciences investors are now more savvy at not only funding companies but also providing them with a support network like Biotech, CRO & Pharma partnerships, or scientific/commercial talent; essentially opening doors to help you to “get through the clinic”. In current times, investors in life sciences are varied, the traditional big pharmaceuticals, foundations & government organisations, are now joined by expert venture capitals, family offices, private equity, hedge funds and others.

Biotechgate profiles investors globally including their management contact details and “active mandates”.There has been a significant growth in the number of expert investors over the last decade and this is reflected in this dedicated life sciences investors database. The active mandates specify their investment interests (e.g. type of company, capital structure, amount and stage preference).

Economic growth in countries such as of China, S.Korea, India, Singapore and Israel has also seen investors emerging from these regions eager to finance the next big drug or device. Companies are now finding investment from across the world as opposed to historically looking to North America and Europe which has been impacted by economic dips and instability over recent years.

The easy and self-navigable interface will allow you to specify the type of investor you are looking for, such as regions and stage/series they prefer to invest in, therapeutic indication, amount invested, previous companies invested in (including phase of most advanced product) as well as other associated partners and historical information.

Investors and investees also need to ensure they pay or receive the right amount. The deal information and structures including milestone payments, profit share, and other terms can be found in the Biotechgate deals database and this allows users to benchmark and valuate their deals.

Looking for your next Biotech or Medtech investor?

Use Biotechgate to identify investors that fit with your company’s business model.

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