Clinical Trials Overview 2024: Key Insights from Biotechgate

As the cornerstone of the biopharma industry, the clinical trials market is projected to reach a value of over USD 153 billion by 2033, according to Nova One Advisor. The Biotechgate clinical trials section, launched in 2019, currently lists over 920,000 studies and is continuously updated with new information for trials, covering both well-known areas like oncology as well as orphan diseases targeted by innovative technologies. In this article, you will find an overview of the latest trends that have emerged based on the information in our extensive database.

A Steady Recovery: Trials from 2019 to 2023

Between 2019 and 2023, the number of registered clinical trials increased by over 13%. The COVID-induced growth period came to a grinding halt in 2022 as the overall life sciences industry faced numerous challenges. These included supply chain disruptions, regulatory bottlenecks and the withdrawal of investment amid various macroeconomic factors creating uncertainty within the industry. Despite this, 2023 has seen a steady recovery, continuing into 2024, being driven by renewed interest in a diverse range of therapeutic areas and the resumption of delayed research projects.

A Year of Ups and Downs: 2023 in Review

The number of clinical trials in 2023 varied significantly. The lowest number was reached in April, with a total of 5,215 studies taking place. The highest point, meanwhile, was in August – recording 7,349 trials. On average, 6,549 clinical trials were recorded per month.

Leading the Charge: The Top Trial Sponsors

Universities and medical institutions, such as the Mayo Clinic, sponsored much of the clinical trials recorded in 2023. However, when only taking into account big pharma, AstraZeneca reigns supreme, having registered 158 trials during the year. This dominance underscores AstraZeneca’s robust pipeline and its increasing diversification.

Therapeutic Area Focus: Oncology Dominates

When looking at a selected number of therapeutic areas, oncology continued to dominate the clinical trial landscape in 2023, with nearly five times more trials recorded in Biotechgate compared to cardiology, the second-highest therapeutic area. In contrast, dermatology saw the least number of trials, indicating either a lower incidence of new dermatological conditions or potentially less funding and interest in this area compared to others.

Under the Microscope: Oncology Trials by Sub-Indication

While oncology stands as the area with the most clinical trials, the sub-indications within it are quite varied. Between 2019 and 2023, trials targeting the treatment of breast and lung-related cancers were the most registered, with the former just edging ahead. Incidentally, these are cited as the most common forms of cancer by the National Cancer Institute, highlighting the ongoing drive to develop effective treatments.

Overall, the clinical trials market looks poised to continue its upward growth. Despite the relative boom and bust induced by COVID-19, a steady recovery was observed in 2023 and while there are still outstanding issues such as recruitment challenges, current trends indicate a cautious optimism towards clinical trials for the future.