Taiwan Life Science Trend Analysis 2024

While 2023 shows a declining trend in terms of private equity financing of Taiwanese life science companies since 2020, public financing surged year-on-year, raising more than twice as much as in 2022. The three largest private equity financing rounds in 2023 were completed by medical technology companies, led by Syncell, which raised USD 8 million.

This year’s trend analysis compares Taiwan with other APAC countries, namely Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Australia, providing valuable insights into the APAC life sciences landscape. Notably, while Taiwan is home to a smaller number of life sciences companies (721) than Australia (1502), 42% of the Taiwanese companies are biotech (vs. 24% of Australian companies) and Taiwan has more therapeutic assets in clinical development.

For more trends and insights, download the full report. This report was produced in collaboration with the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization and we would like to thank them for their support.