Introducing the New Version of Biotechgate

We are pleased to announce the upcoming launch of a new version of the Biotechgate database, scheduled for the end of May. The release features an enhanced user experience and several new functionalities, including a new M&A section and access to analyst reports and forecasts. In this article, be introduced to the potential of the improved Biotechgate platform.

More seamless user experience and search functionality

With the update, subscribers will benefit from a more intuitive user experience and new search features. An improved structure and more customization options will allow for targeted searches tailored to your specific requirements.

Users are guided through a series of sections with convenient tools to help them select filters. For example, if you’re looking for biotechnology – therapeutics companies focused on breast cancer, the autocomplete function in the therapeutic areas section will facilitate narrowing down your search. Filter tags enable you to quickly adjust your search criteria.

On the results page you’ll find a new tab, “Investors”, that presents a list of investors who have funded the companies matching your search. For those wanting deeper insights, there is also the option to explore the investment portfolio of the listed investors. Under “Filters – profile including” in the company search tab, selecting “investment portfolio” allows you to find companies that have invested in other firms in the past.

Investors tab:

Investment portfolio:

New M&A module

A notable addition to the Biotechgate database is the introduction of an M&A Transactions section. This dedicated module provides extensive coverage of merger and acquisition activities within the life sciences sector. It results from a comprehensive record of M&A activity we have maintained over the years. Now, this data is available to subscribers, offering a detailed overview of transactions with various filter options.

For example, you can refine your search by the M&A year, categorize M&A targets and buyers, or specify the transaction’s financial details, including any up-front and milestone payments involved.

Analyst Reports and Forecast Models

Thanks to a collaboration with the Dutch strategic healthcare intelligence company PharmaTell, Biotechgate now offers access to a wide range of analyst reports and forecast models authored by biotech and pharma industry experts. Over 160,000 company reports covering more than 2,000 companies provide valuable insights into market trends, company health, and industry forecasts. This addition supports users in making well-informed investment decisions and strategic assessments.

If you are trying to find out details about the therapeutic landscape for a specific indication, the therapeutic areas section within the analyst reports module will be particularly useful. In this example, we are looking at reports on the therapeutics area, oncology, covering the company Arvinas. You can sort by relevance, number of pages, date or title of the reports.

All reports are downloadable for offline use, allowing you to create snippets for memos or to share with senior management.

Enriched data and linking

Building on existing features, the upgraded platform offers enriched data points and relations between data, such as improved linking between assets and clinical trials or the corporate structure of international corporations. You can gain deeper insight into the therapeutics pipeline and find out more detailed information about assets such as their molecular structure and international non-proprietary names. Moreover, you will be able to view the group structure of the over 60,000 companies listed and easily identify subsidiaries belonging to the corporate headquarters.

Stay tuned for the official release and explore the new capabilities of the Biotechgate platform.