Biotechgate: Your Gateway to the International Life Sciences Industry

As a global business development database, Biotechgate can aid you in accessing the international life science industry in many ways. The database offers various features and filter options designed to facilitate access to information on companies in a wide variety of countries and regions. What’s more, Biotechgate partners with industry organizations from all over the world to run their regional directories and country portals. Here are five ways you can benefit from Biotechgate as your gateway to the life science industry on a global scale.

1. Higher data quality thanks to our partnerships across the world

Biotechgate currently partners with more than 20 industry organizations globally, both membership-based economic development agencies and cluster associations. By working together, Biotechgate helps to boost the visibility of the member or cluster companies while strengthening the data integration in the database. Through exclusive information from these partnerships, we aim to ensure up-to-date and well-structured information on listed companies in each of the partner regions.

The close collaboration with the Maryland Department of Commerce has proven to be a great example of how fruitful a partnership with Biotechgate can be. Read more in this interview with the Director of the Department’s Office of Life Science.

2. Country portals and regional directories ensure greater visibility

Another way you can benefit from our industry collaborations are the over 30 country-specific life science portals and about 15 cluster or member directories that Biotechgate has set up together with its partners. Thanks to the country portals and regional directories, most companies are not only listed with a profile in the global database (, but also in a directory built for their specific country or region. This increases their visibility to investors and potential partners.

Read about the latest directory we have created as part of our new partnership with the French health cluster ALLIS-NA.

3. Country reports give you in-depth insights into the latest industry trends 

In close collaboration with our partners, we develop annual life science industry trend analyses for various countries. Leveraging our Biotechgate data, we are able to provide comprehensive insights into the countries’ life science activities, covering the top indications, therapeutic asset development and out-licensing, as well as funding trends.

Download our latest report on the life sciences industry of Taiwan. A benchmark analysis comparing Taiwan with several APAC countries complements the report. 

4. Geographic filters for your global search

Each category in the business development database gives you filter options to search by location. In the Companies tab, for example, you have a variety of options to filter not only by continent/region and individual country, but also by state (if applicable).

Let’s assume we are planning a trip to Alberta, Canada and want to search for life science companies in that specific region. Once you have defined the country, state and clicked “Search”, you will see the results which you can view individually and even download to Excel. The tab “Map” shows the results on a map: Simply zoom in on the region and click on a pin.

5. Global map for a powerful geographical overview

In addition to the map display of your search results, you can easily access a global map via the Biotechgate menu. With the option to filter companies by category, this is an effective tool to have an instant overview of where organizations are located around the world.

If you wish to connect one-to-one with representatives of the world’s leading life science companies, register for free to the next edition of Biotechgate Digital Partnering.