How Can You Benefit From Biotechgate?

Biotechgate is a global life science database encompassing the pharma, biotech and medtech industries. But did you know that almost any kind of company within the life sciences can benefit from using Biotechgate? This article explains how different types of organizations can use the database effectively for their own BD&L activities.

Big Pharma & Biotechs

The Biotechgate Out-licensing section has over 35,000 up-to-date licensing opportunities. This can provide a key source of information for companies scouting for new and early-stage assets. Information available includes the development stage and the possibility of the organization out-licensing the asset, giving you an opportunity for collaboration in the R&D or commercialization process. The various filters included can allow you to quickly find an asset that best suits your company’s capabilities and strategic direction.

You can also take advantage of the 800,000+ clinical trials that can help you keep track of the latest activity in your therapeutic or geographical area.


Over 25,000 license agreements are in the Biotechgate database, spanning back to 1982. This section includes a filter where you can specify agreements that include a PDF of the original document between both parties. These can serve as a benchmark for your start-up when it comes to structuring your own licensing agreements as you begin to seek collaboration opportunities with other companies. Once you have an overview of the common formalities within life science agreements, such as the different payment structures, you can then develop upon that foundational knowledge for your own contracts.

Along with the Business Development Database, Biotechgate also offers an Investor Database. Since raising funds is a crucial activity for start-ups, especially in a capital-intensive sector like biopharma. The database allows you to identify relevant investors based on their preferred therapeutic area or clinical phase amongst the other filters available. This gives you the ability to generate a list of potential investors and, with the direct contact information at hand, lets you begin the process of contacting each of them to pitch your organization. 

Service Providers & Consulting

Biotechgate places an emphasis on early-stage, private companies that you won’t find in other life science databases, giving service providers an ideal source for business leads. Depending on what your organization provides, you can take advantage of the Asset Search category containing over 95,000 entries to find one that suits your business activities. You can also search by company and apply different filters if you operate in a particular subsector.


If you are an investor looking to provide capital to life science organizations, then Biotechgate also has solutions for you. By using the company search feature, you can apply various criteria for your preferred investment type, such as their pipeline, therapeutic focus,  or number of years since their establishment.

The database also offers information on over 24,000 financing rounds. With this, you’re able to keep track of companies that are receiving investment and you can save them to your bookmarks if they are of interest to you.

Industry Associations

Biotechgate has over thirty partner organizations from all over the world, many of which we collaborate with to produce our country reports. Members receive complimentary access to the Business Development Database and also receive a regional directory for their life science industry or member organization. Along with this, our partners also benefit from receiving coplimentary premium access to our quarterly Biotechgate Digital Partnering events.

To get an insight into what Biotechgate offers you, try a free week’s trial to our Business Development Database today.