Content Available For Free Thanks to our Partners

Biotechgate works in cooperation with over 30 partners located around the world.  Our partners are a key source of information for our database, which is also disseminated into regional directories and portals covering that area’s life science activities and organizations. Thanks to these partnerships, a lot of information from Biotechgate is available free of charge. Read in this article how and where you can find these data sources.

Since the start of Biotechgate in 2004, we have been partnering with industry associations and business development agencies around the world to build our global life science directory. These collaborations are a nice win-win situation for all parties involved, as Biotechgate provides a freely available directory for them, whereas our partners inform us of the latest life science company news for their area. This gives Biotechgate the ability to closely track any changes made to existing organizations in our global database, as well as add new start-ups and university spin-offs as soon as they are established. This results in an up-to-date dataset which is – thanks to our partners – partly available for free.

Regional Directories

One source of free accessible data are the local directories which are embedded in our partners’ website, as seen below for the Maryland Department of Commerce.

We actively promote these directories and they help serve as an avenue for finding information on the industry within that geographical area. A list of all our partners can be found here.

Country Portals

In addition to above mentioned directories, we run over 30 country specific life science databases. These “country portals” provide a great overview on companies active in a specific country, including a database search, statistics pages and a visualization of the companies on a map. Below you can see a screenshot of a break-down by sectors of the Swiss Life Sciences Database.

The extent of information that is available for free depends on the existing partnerships for the specific country. An overview of all available country portals can be found here.

Country Reports

With the assistance of Biotechgate partner organizations, we develop annual Country Reports that give readers an in-depth insight into the life science activities of that location. These reports contain a variety of statistics covering areas such as the most common biotech activities, asset out-licensing and funding trends for the region. All reports can be viewed and downloaded for free in our Resource Center.