Finding Financial Information in Biotechgate

With over 1.3 million total entries, the Biotechgate Business Development and Investor databases serve as your primary source of information relating to the life science industry. This allows you to have access to data on organizations from start-ups right through to well-established multinationals and everything in between. Read on for an overview of the financial information that can be found in our regularly updated database.

Financials for Publicly-Listed Companies

In the “Companies” section, you can access a variety of filters concerning organizations listed on the stock exchange. These filters include the year of the IPO along with the specific exchange that they are listed on.

Once you click into their profile and navigate to the “Financials” category, you will be met with various stock-related information. As well and as far as available, both annual and quarterly financial statements are displayed, covering the income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement.

Financing Rounds

Funding is an integral component for every life science organization, allowing them to expand their operations and facilities, amongst other benefits. The Biotechgate Financing Rounds area covers all funding stages from seed rounds right through to post-IPO. The section also allows you to explore companies that have received government grants or debt financing as well as of course venture capital and private equity. Currently, it consists of around 25,000 rounds with the information condensed into our free monthly biotech financing summary, allowing you to keep on top of the latest financing trends within the industry.

Investment Portfolios

When choosing an Investor within the “Companies” category, you have the ability to view their investment portfolio within their company profile. Here, you can see a record of the firm’s previous investments including the company receiving the financing, the investment size and if there were other investors on board during the particular financing round.

Investor Database

The Investor Database gives users the ability to find investors thanks to a variety of parameters available. Amongst the typical filters such as their geographical location and the type of investor, you can also search according to the investor’s preferences such as their typical allocation, funding stage and their favored indications. This data gives you the chance to find an investor that’s the best fit for your organization and its requirements.

Their profile displays an overview of the investor, including key contacts to allow you to get in touch and pitch your company and its offerings.