How to Find Oncology Assets to In-License

Oncology-oriented partnerships are at the forefront of biopharma deals as companies seek collaborators to help spread the financial burden of the costly R&D activities involved. If you wish to find your next oncology partner, read our quick guide on how you can search for oncology assets for your organization to in-license.

To start your search for cancer-related assets, visit the “Out-licensing” section through the left-hand menu on your dashboard. On an initial look, you can specify the availability status of the asset as well as search according to filters such as the company name, therapeutic, the specific indication and more.

Further down, in “Geographical Location”, you can specify a filter for the region. In this example, we will select the USA. In  the section “Disease / indication”, you can enter your therapeutic area of choice which in this case will be Neoplasms / cancer / oncology. You can even specify a more specific sub-indication such as small-cell lung cancer or leukemia. Here, you have the ability to add multiple indications.

Next, in “Development phase”, we will choose assets that are either in clinical phase 2 or 3. There are other criteria that you can search by such as the mode of administration or asset origination, although we will continue with the existing filters that we have selected.

After you have clicked the “Search” button, you will see a list of products that match your criteria. You can click on the result to view further details about the asset and a description of what it is.

From here, you can amend your search criteria if you wish to further refine your results. Otherwise, bookmark the asset to save it or turn on alerts so you can be notified by email as soon as the asset development phase has changed.