How to Find Start-ups on Biotechgate

Start-ups are an important piece of the puzzle within the life science industry. On one hand, they represent promising investment opportunities for investors. On the other, they are an important source for big pharma companies to license innovative technologies and products. In this context, timing and finding the right start-ups play a crucial role. All this can be easily done in Biotechgate, as we will show you in this guide.

One option is to search for start-ups in our Company Section. Here, you have a variety of filters that you can choose from depending on your preferences. In this case, we will select our company sector as “Therapeutics and Diagnostics” and within that, we will pick “Small molecules”.

The “Business model, customer segments & employees” section has further filters that you can utilize to find the company you want – key to this when searching for a start-up is the organization’s year of foundation. While there are conflicting views on what exactly constitutes a start-up, MIT defines an early-stage start-up as one that has been in operation for around three years. Based on this, we will adjust our ideal year of foundation to between 2019 and 2022.

A different possibility to identify start-ups is to search by their most recent financing round. In the screenshot below, instead of choosing a specific therapeutic subsector, we selected ‘Series A’, while also choosing the state of ownership as “Private / independent”.

After you are satisfied with your selections, just click ‘Search’ and you will be brought to the results page. Here, you can visit the company profiles matching your criteria where you can also see a variety of information such as financing rounds, therapeutics and technologies (if applicable) and management details. Click “Refine search” to return to the search page and modify your search criteria.