How to Find the Latest Clinical Trials

Biotechgate’s clinical trial directory is used by business development professionals from around the globe to identify early-stage companies and assets. With over 725,000 clinical studies aggregated from 20 trial registries from around the world, it may seem overwhelming to find the latest clinical trials, but this guide will show you how easy it can be.

Once you are logged into your Biotechgate account, navigate to the Clinical Trials section. Here, you have an array of criteria that you can adjust to your liking. In this example, we will be looking for Phase I anti-infective drugs.

The Clinical phase section allows you to choose between six different stages of the development process. We will just select Phase I. Next, we will choose Infectious and parasitic diseases as our sole indication. Here, you can select as many different indications as you’d like. While for Type of intervention, we will choose Drug. For our Clinical status, we will select Active. This status is assigned by Biotechgate through an estimate based on the trial activity updates, the clinical phase and the registration date.

Lastly, as our goal is to find the latest clinical trials for our chosen criteria, towards the bottom we will adjust the Registration date to only search for trials registered between January 1st and August 1st, 2021.

There are many other additional filters that you can add to your search. These include the trial’s recruitment status, its primary sponsor or a specific registry. Biotechgate uses data from 20 different trial registries around the world, ensuring that trial data is continuously updated with the latest information.

When all your desired filters are in place, click the Search button and you will see your list of results. To view a trial, just click to learn more about it and you will see a variety of information, such as the sample size, primary sponsor and the trial outcome.

You can bookmark results by clicking the star icon in the top-right of the window. You also have the option to download your search results into Excel if you want to analyze them further or maintain a record of them.