New Search Functions are Now Available in Biotechgate

At Biotechgate, we are always open to customer feedback and ensuring that you have the best experience possible when browsing our database. Thanks to your comments, we have now implemented a number of new features for searching and filtering our 1.2 million entries in order to give you the best result.

Redefined Search for Preclinical Companies

We have expanded our search categories for companies active in ‘pre-clinical phases’. Now, options are available for Discovery Lead optimization and also a Preclinical phase. Even more detailed options about the different development phases are available in the asset section (when searching for therapeutics).

Search for Multiple Sub-Sectors of Different Main Sectors

It is now also possible to combine industry sub-sectors from different main sectors. For example, you can now search across all kinds of diagnostics, such as combining Molecular Diagnostics with a search for Diagnostic Devices. This filter is available in the search sections for companies, management and financing rounds.

505(b)(2) / Hybrid Medicines Approval

You can now find a checkbox to filter for “505(b)(2) / Hybrid medicines approval” at the bottom of the Therapeutics search page. This can help you when searching for medical drugs that have been approved for 505(b)(2) status by the FDA or as “Hybrid medicine” by the EMA (or received a similar approval by a different agency).

Financial Statements and Stock Exchange Data

Biotechgate now also hosts a variety of financial information for publicly listed companies. This data includes the companies’ annual and quarterly financial statements as well as fundamentals about their stock market data. More information can be found here.

New Database for a Better User Experience

New backend implementations have been added to Biotechgate in order to improve performance and loading times. These include a document-related NoSQL database to speed up the return of search results as well as the implementation of a new, scalable server infrastructure that help keep Biotechgate functioning efficiently. More information on the technical improvements made to the website can be viewed in the interview with our COO, Jost Renggli.

If you have any questions or suggestions for new improvements, then don’t hesitate to contact us.