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We regularly hear about new licensing agreements between pharmaceutical and biotech companies. These usually involve assets – such as therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices or technologies – which are to be developed or marketed together. A big challenge however is to find the right partner for the right asset.

The Biotechgate database features almost 90,000 life science assets, with about 20,000 of them available for out-licensing. As always in Biotechgate, the data is highly structured which allows for exact match-making. This enables business development professionals to search for very specific licensing opportunities, collaboration partners or technologies to acquire.

The asset section is divided into the four areas Therapeutics, Diagnostics, Medical devices and Technologies. Different tabs at the top of the search form allow to differentiate accordingly.


No matter for which area a search is run, you have the option to change the view of the results to either see the specific assets, the list of related companies or a world map with pins of their geographical locations. Simply click on the matching icons on the result page to switch between the different views.



Besides the amount of information provided in Biotechgate, a further strong point of the database is the fact that all areas are linked with each other. For example, if you identify a company based on their assets available for out-licensing, you also get to see the available management contact details with a single click or you can check the company’s financing history.



All data within Biotechgate is reviewed and updated on a regular basis (more information about our data maintenance process is available here.

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