Partnering and match-making system with data from Biotechgate

Partnering and match-making system with data from Biotechgate

Partnering conferences are an essential part of the business development activities in the life science industry. Our premium match-making system HelloPartnering lets conference participants plan and schedule their meetings in advance. What sets HelloPartnering apart is that data about assets and companies is populated from Biotechgate, meaning: No more “empty” company profiles in a conference partnering system.

You may already know Biotechgate, a leading Business Development database for the life science industry. The link with this platform enables us to make details of more than 80,000 assets, 50,000 companies and over 240,000 management contacts available to all kinds of business development representatives and executives around the world. Our customers appreciate our wide range of data, which is constantly updated. So why not provide this data for conferences?
That is exactly what we do with our match-making and conference platform HelloPartnering: With just one click participants can import their company’s entire profile incl. assets, company details, management, financing rounds etc. into the partnering system. They can of course still edit all information and – if they opt in – upload it to Biotechgate again after the conference. This way the information is kept up-to-date and can be easily used for future conferences.

Besides the aforementioned data-import HelloPartnering contains all the necessary features to guarantee a successful conference experience (see info graph below). The system is easy to use and as it is web based, works on any screen size & any device, no app needed. It doesn’t stop there: HelloPartnering can also be used for any industry, not just the life sciences.

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