Identifying ‘cashed up’/recently funded Biotech companies in Biotechgate

Identifying ‘cashed up’/recently funded Biotech companies in Biotechgate

Looking to identify new Biotech companies that may require your CDMO/CRO services can be a time-consuming task. The Biotechgate database provides details of nearly 55,000 companies worldwide and more than 78,000 products. Crucially, we track over 17,000 financing rounds from conception to post IPO of Biotech companies globally.

These 17,000 financing rounds are categorized by the company’s therapeutic areas and subsectors, as well as the financing type, structure, value, and importantly, the date of the deal. Biotechgate’s simple search platform enables the user to easily find the relevant prospects – you will be able to identify recently funded companies and know in what areas they are looking to spend the funds.

Assets listed in Biotechgate range from those being in the discovery phase right through to products and technologies already launched on the market. The image below shows how you can search for your desired phase by selecting one of the options. In this example, we are looking for Biotech financing rounds for products in the oncology field that are in the preclinical stage.

Identifying ‘cashed up’ recently funded Biotech’s in Biotechgate
To narrow your results down even further, there are various other options you can choose from. These include the financing type, the phase of the product, as well as the region or country. Once you have a list of results, they can then be downloaded into Excel.

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