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New database tracks Swedish Life Science expertise

The database Swedishlifesciences.com is a new competence-matching option for entrepreneurs and researchers developing an idea into a product or service for the health care system. Free and open, this online shortcut identifies the expertise needed for a successful innovation process.

Too many start-ups and entrepreneurs find it hard to team up with the right expertise for their development, a fact that hinders both innovation and growth. The new database aims to help to eliminate this problem.

“This tool offers entrepreneurs a national network with a wide range of expertise, adding both quality and speed to the innovation process”, says Swelife’s Örjan Norberg, who first came up with the idea.

The web application has a user-friendly interface allowing easy filtering to identify specific competencies required for successful research and development in the Biotech, Medtech, and Pharma areas. Searches are done via defined high-level categories and positions in the value chains, and/or therapy areas. The search result provides the user with general information about the companies, including contact details, and summary of products, services, and technologies. Another option is to search for information and statistics on a specific sector of the life science area.

The database already includes more than 2,000 Life Science companies in Sweden and aims to cover the full sector. Companies are invited to access, review and update or add their company profiles. Listing in the database is free of charge for all Swedish organizations and searching it is open and free of charge for all.

The Swedish Life Science Database is developed by Swelife in collaboration with SwedenBIO and Swedish Medtech and is hosted by the global sourcing platform Biotechgate. It was officially launched at the Nordic Life Science Days in Stockholm.

Swedish Life Sciences Database

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