Overcoming partnering and licensing challenges in the Life Sciences industry

Finding complimentary partners for your Biotech or MedTech business is a lot easier said than done. What can be defined as complimentary? Similar pipelines/platform technologies? Location/reach?

By utilising intelligence which is found in Biotechgate, one has the ability to not only to quickly and efficiently find the right partner, but also evaluate the company in depth.
With over 100,000 key management contact details from the industry, approaching the right people hasn’t been easier. Users will can filter their searches via role, division and region. The new licensing portal will allow users to search (by type/phase/therapeutic indication) for published opportunities; be it for in or out licensing. Once a product has been identified, the user will then be able to profile the linked company, find the key contacts and kept abreast with changes in the company.



However, if your focus as a services company like a CRO is growing your client base, then finding early stage pipeline information especially from Discovery/PC stage will enable you to “get in the door” early, before your competitors. By specifically searching for companies with early stage pipeline products (compounds) which are complimentary to your services, you can quickly find those hard to reach prospects. API manufacturers benefit from using Biotechgate to find early stage products and check on recent company financing.



Information on large enterprise and public listed companies are not as hard to obtain as private/independent companies which tend to ‘fly under the radar’ but have technologies/products that are just as good. Via our partnerships with clusters and associations around the globe, Biotechgate can focus on private companies with over 70% of the 38,000 companies being private.
Essential information such as pipeline quality, trial, deal, services and financing information are the basis of any initial prospect/partner evaluation. For pharmaceuticals and investors, finding early stage products which are complimentary to your specific investment/development interest allows you to save time by ruling out the unlikely prospects quickly and allowing you to focus your time and efforts on the solid propositions.


Looking for your next Biotech or Medtech partner?

Use Biotechgate to identify new leads, licensing opportunities and management details.

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