Companies and Investors with interest in orphan drugs

Orphan drugs can be found in any part of the Biotechgate database. You can search for orphan drug companies, products, licensing opportunities, closed licensing deals and even for investors that show interest in orphan drug companies.


Orphan drug companies and products

To identify companies that are active in the orphan drug space or are offering products in this field, log into your Biotechgate account, click on the company tab on the left and type “orphan” into the text search (see next screenshot). Click next or add additional filters such as country, sector, clinical phase etc. Biotechgate will reveal a list of companies and organizations in the orphan space.


Licensing deals of orphan drugs

Log into your Biotechgate account but now click on the “Deals” tab on the left hand side. Proceed as explained above, enter “orphan” into the text search on top and run the search.
If you are specifically interested in orphan deals, you may want to order a copy of our dedicated Orphan Deals Benchmark Report available on the Biotechgate website.


Looking for orphan drug investors?

If you are looking for orphan drug related investors, have a look at our Investor Database. Log into Biotechgate and click on “Investors” on the left hand side. You can either perform a text search for “orphan” as mentioned above. Alternatively you can tick the checkbox “Orphan interest?” (see screenshot) and click “search” to generate a list of potential investors.

For more information regarding text searches for orphan drugs, please click on the following link. “How to perform a text search in Biotechgate”.


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