How can you benefit from using Biotechgate?

As you may already be aware Biotechgate is a global life science database encompassing the pharma, biotech and medtech industries, but did you know that almost any kind of company within the life sciences can benefit from using Biotechgate. This article explains how different types of companies can use the database effectively for their own business development activities.

Big Pharma – Biotechgate provides thousands of licensing opportunities. Pharma companies scouting for new and early stage products can quickly identify relevant products using the various filters. As well as this, Pharma’s can keep track of who is conducting clinical trials in which phase and therapeutic area.

Small-medium Biotechs & Medtechs – Find other companies who may be interested in your product or technology, learn how to structure licensing deals and benchmark your own deals and financings.

Service Providers (CROs/CMOs) – Use Biotechgate to find companies that are in need of your services. Biotechgate has a strong focus on early stage, private companies and products making it easy for you to identify new business leads.

Investors – Discover companies that fit with your preference of investment interest by seeing who is developing what products in which therapeutic area and phase. Learn about the financial and deal history of specific companies.

Consulting – Use Biotechgate to see which companies are in need of your services and who is the appropriate person to contact. Quickly identify potential partners for your consulting projects.


With the simple search filters and all results downloadable into excel, using the Biotechgate platform is a quick and cost effective way to expand your business development projects.


Try Biotechgate today and see how your company will benefit.

How to benefit with Biotechgate


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Use Biotechgate to identify new leads, licensing opportunities and management details.