Create a target list – Identify new clients and partners

Biotechgate is a business development and lead sourcing database that allows you to identify potential new clients and partners by specific criteria. The database is updated and completed on an ongoing basis, with the majority of company profiles containing detailed contact information of the management. Read in this article how to use the search filters and how to try out this feature for free.

When thinking of potential new clients, the first thing you have to think about is what you are looking for? Maybe you are interested in products, a specific technology, or, as we assume in this case, you are looking for companies within a specific sector. On Biotechgate click on the tab on the left depending on your choice. In our case we select “Companies” (see screenshot below). After doing so, a search form with various filters appears.



On top of the form you will find the filters that allow you to search by geographic location or by industry sector and subsectors. Further down you will find gray bars such as “Advanced Search”, “Financials” etc. Click on them to find additional criteria to further tailor your search specifications. In our example we are searching for Biotechnology Therapeutics companies which are active in the oncology field and have products in Phase I or Phase II clinical trials. For this we select sector as “Biotechnology – Therapeutics and Diagnostics”, Primary Therapeutics area as “Neoplasm / cancer / oncology” and Biotech product phase as “Phase I” and “Phase II” (see next screenshots).




Conducting the above search gives us a list with more than 600 companies. You can select a company in the results list to see their profile; you can download a pdf-file of each company individually or download all your results to Excel.

In order to use all the features and to have access to the search results, you will need a subscription to the Biotechgate Company Database. If you do not have a valid subscription, you can test the search forms here or see below to request a demo or a trial.

Looking for your next Biotech or Medtech partner?

Use Biotechgate to identify new leads, licensing opportunities and management details.