How will you know that the development phase of a Biotech product has changed?

How will you know that the development phase of a Biotech, Pharma or Medtech product has changed? Biotechgate allows you to set up tailored alerts in two easy steps. This article will inform you how to use this feature.

The Biotechgate E-mail Alerts feature will notify you when there is a change in the phase of a product within your saved search criteria. This will allow you to keep up to date with the product development situation of the Biotech, Pharma and Medtech industries within your specific area of interest; you don’t even have to log in to Biotechgate on a regular basis. Setting up an alert can be done in an easy two-step process:

  1. Run a product search according to your interests and save the search.
  2. Add and alert to the saved search.

Just follow the guide below which will help you to set up your first product alert.

Run and save a product search

1.  Log-in to your Biotechgate account and navigate to the section “Products” (see screenshot). Define your search criteria and click search.
In our example we are searching for Biotech products in the Leukaemia field which are in Phase I, II or III.


2.  After you have clicked the “search” button, a list of products will appear on the screen. You can now save this search (see next image): Click on “Save search”, type in a name for this search and click “Save”.
In this example we called our search “Leukaemia Phase I – III”. This name will appear later in the e-mail alert.



Add an alert to your saved search

Now that you have saved your search, you can set up an alert on it. In the right column of Biotechgate you find a box “Saved Searches” (see next screenshot). Just click on the “envelope” icon to see the section where you can set up your Biotechgate e-mail alert.

In order to be informed about product changes, tick the checkbox “Change in development phase”. Below you can define how frequently you want to receive such e-mails (however e-mails are only sent if changes in your saved searches have occurred). Finally click “Save” – that’s it.

In our example we were searching for Biotech products in the Leukaemia field which are in phase I – III. The e-mail alert will now notify us if a product of this indication changes it’s phase to phase I, II or III.



More information about setting up e-mail alerts can be found in the article: “Biotechgate Alerts” ››


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