How can I modify my search results? How can I add and remove search criteria?

You may be familiar with this situation: You carefully selected all of your search criteria, clicked the search button and, after the results appear; you realized that you missed an important search filter. No problem: Adding and removing search criteria in Biotechgate is very simple.


First, on top of every result page you can check what search criteria you have already selected for your current search:



By having a look at your selected search criteria, you can easily analyze which filter you might want to remove or what you might have missed. Now you can click on “Refine search”: This brings you back to the prior search page with your existing search criteria pre-selected (based on your latest search).



As you can see in the above screenshot, beside “Refine search” there is a link for “New search” which will take you to an empty search form.

This feature is available for all areas of Biotechgate, such as companies, product pipelines, licensing opportunities, management details or licensing deals.


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