Find products and companies by specific indications

The search for specific indications allows you to precisely find the companies which you are looking for. This has been made possible by the new search field “Therapeutic sub-sector”: This field provides you with a list of specific diseases based on a primary therapeutic area that you first have to define. As an example, if you select “Neoplasms / cancer / oncology” as primary therapeutic area, you can further fine tune your selection from around 50 indications, such as brain cancer, gastric cancer or leukaemina etc. It is important however, that you only select one primary therapeutic area; if you choose none or several of them, no therapeutic sub-sectors will be found.

Search for specific indications: Just select one primary therapeutic area. The field “Therapeutic sub-sector” will then be populated with a list of specific diseases.


The search for therapeutic sub-sectors is available for the companies search, products and product based licensing opportunities. Please note that if searching for a product or licensing opportunity, the “Type of product” must be “Biotechnology – Therapeutics” in order to enable the search for Therapeutics.

The search for “Therapeutic sub-sector” is available for the areas Companies, Products and Licensing opportunities (for products and licensing opportunities the “Type of product” must be “Biotechnology – Therapeutics”).


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2 thoughts on “Find products and companies by specific indications”

  1. how much does a suscription cost? I would only need this service for finding specific licensing opportunities.
    Thanks in advace
    Raimund Eckel

    1. Dear Dr. Eckel,
      Many thanks for your request. The subscription price varies depending on the subscription package and the company size / number of seats etc. More information about the subscription packages you can find at
      My colleague Alan Jones will contact you for more detailed information.
      Best regards,
      Jost Renggli, Biotechgate

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