Biotechgate continues to improve company profile tracking with new ‘save search’ functionality

To enable users to track company profiles of interest, Biotechgate have recently rolled out a new feature allowing Biotechgate users to be notified by email when a set company profile has been changed in any way.

Biotechgate`s life science database has continued to grow to over 25,700 company profiles. The wealth of information includes concise details on product pipelines, company technologies, financing rounds, management details, licensing opportunities and licensing deals with a full range of features including the new save search function.

The newest feature allows users to specifiy set parameters, then have them saved, and each time a change is made within the parameters, the Biotechgate system automatically notifies users via email of a change in a profile.

This feature is Biotechgate’s latest addition in improving user experience and allows users to save plenty of time by not having to continuously revisit profiles where changes have not been made.

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One thought on “Biotechgate continues to improve company profile tracking with new ‘save search’ functionality”

  1. I like this handy feature which allows me to save time. I have currently several dozens of companies bookmarked and I now have the certainty of not needing to monitor on a regular basis!

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