Swiss Life Sciences Trend Analysis 2012

With five new Biotech Therapeutic and Diagnostic companies starting up last year, Switzerland secured its place as one of the premier biotech countries in the world. Currently the leader in biotech employee’s per capita the Swiss Biotech industry outperformed in a year where the majority of countries struggled. Lead by Biocartis, the Swiss Biotech sector was able to keep the same level of venture capital financing in 2011 compared to 2010. Furthermore, the Swiss Biotech industry also increased the number of available licensing opportunities in Biotechgate by over 50%. On the one hand, this is a sign of maturity of the industry, however, it also shows that companies are looking for alternative ways of financing.

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One thought on “Swiss Life Sciences Trend Analysis 2012”

  1. Interesting analysis of Switzerland’s biotechnology market. Seems the number of pre-clinical and phaseI clinical programmes has increased in 2011 over 2010. It would be good to see more of these now progress into the later PhII/PhIII stages.

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