Biotechgate™ – the largest Life Sciences company database

Biotechgate is a proprietary, searchable database with company profile, product pipeline, licensing opportunities, financing round, technology, deals and management details. It was developed by Venture Valuation to indentify a specific set of companies very efficiently. Biotechgate is now tracking more than 24’000 life sciences and biotechnology companies globally, which makes it the largest database of its kind available. This was made possible through working with local and regional partners such as industry associations (including Biocom, BIOTECanada, SwissBiotech Association, SwedenBIO, Assobiotec, OneNucleus), as well as government and economic development agencies (including Maryland, MediconValley, Biovalley). This “grass-roots” approach that was implemented since inception in 2003, allowes Biotechgate to add emerging companies in the database very early on. This is a clear USP compared with the approach taken by other databases where a top-down approach is employed, starting with the big companies and waiting until the smaller companies become a certain size. Biotechgate, which is continuously kept up-to-date, wants to offer the opposite: focusing on the small, innovative companies and providing its subscribers the companies that would be the stars of tomorrow.

Why does it make good business sense to subscribe to Biotechgate? If you are an investor, in business development, CRO or providing services and identifying the innovation of tomorrow you can’t afford to wait until everybody else knows about a specific company – subscribe to the best hidden secret in the industry. Trial accounts, as well as flexible monthly and yearly subscriptions are available. Here you find more information.

Statistics: Biotechgate’s top country portals

Out of the top 20 Pharmaceutical companies worldwide, 17 have used Biotechgate.

Biotechgate consists of many different local country and regional databases (see list below). In March 2012, the UK Biotech database had the most visitors with over 10’000 unique visits, followed by the Swiss Life Sciences database. All country database aggregated form the global Biotechgate database.

March 2012
UK Biotech 10’551
Swiss Life Sciences 4’799
Canadian Life Sciences 3’514
Italian Biotech 2’637
German Biotech 2’271
USA Life Sciences 1’696
Dutch Biotech 1’159
Indian Biotech 1’158
French Biotech 1’028
Scandinavian Life Sciences 970
Korean Biotech 682


In total there were over 43’000 visitors in March 2012 that visited any of the Biotechgate family databases. They came from over 100 different countries, most of them from the US and India.

March 2012
United States 14.74%
India 13.96%
United Kingdom 13.06%
Switzerland 8.39%
France 6.18%
Germany 4.90%
Luxembourg 4.88%
Canada 4.17%
Israel 4.15%
Netherlands 3.10%
Denmark 2.46%


Biotechgate has over 30 partners worldwide that use the database as a member directory and / or a regional cluster database. The following clusters show the number of visits in March 2012 of the database within their website:

March 2012
Medicon Valley 3’451
Maryland 2’911
BIO NRW 2’769
BIOCOM 1’977
SULS 1’690
One Nucleus 1’099
BioValley Basel 546
Montgomery 458