Over 20’000 Company Profiles now available in the new Version of Biotechgate

ZURICH, March 2011 – Biotechgate has launched a new version of its Global Biotechgate Database with new search features and state-of the art usability. At the same time the database has reached over 20’000 company profiles.

The new version of Biotechgate, the global Biotech and Life Sciences Database, provides the user with a new interface for accessing over 20’000 company profiles, financing rounds, detailed medical technology and biotechnology products. The database provides different levels of access, from a free subscription to monthly and annual subscriptions starting at EUR 125 per month. Even a free subscription allows users to see how many products, companies or financing rounds fit their search criteria. The paid subscription provides a whole lot more information and search options.

Furthermore, Biotechgate recently hit the magic number of 20’000 worldwide company profiles. Each profile is either complemented and checked by the company itself or up-date by the Biotechgate team to ensure high data quality. The addition of new partners, such as One Nucleus, APIM – the Lille Metropole Development Agency and Assobiotec – the Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, helped to reach this number.

Passing the 20’000 company mark is an important milestone and showcases the global coverage of Biotechgate. The database began in 2003 as a local country resource for Switzerland, mapping the life sciences industry focusing on Biotechnology and Medical Technology. Subsequently, new countries were added and the database grew rapidly to a global platform, supporting institutions like the European Commission, EBD Group, NatureJobs, and spanning from the US (Biocom San Diego, Maryland), Canada (BIOTECanada) to Europe including the UK (One Nucleus), Scandinavia (Medicon Valley, Invest in Skane, Copenhagen Capacity), Germany (BIO.NRW), Netherlands (Life Sciences Health), France (APIM), Switzerland (Basel Area/Biovalley, Greater Zurich Area, Swiss Biotech Association, Swiss Stock Exchange SIX, BioAlps, BioteCHnet), Italy (Assobiotec), across Eastern Europe (14allbio.eu) all the way to India and South Korea (SGI).

“We are very happy to launch this new version and make the database even more accessible. Our key focus is on private, small companies, often not on the radar screen. Through our unique collaboration with local partners such as biotech networks and association, as well as economic development agencies, we have built the database bottom-up and thus can offer data that others do not have.” said Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO of Venture Valuation, the provider of Biotechgate.

For further information:

Dr. Patrik Frei, CEO, Biotechgate c/o Venture Valuation Inc, Switzerland, +41 (43) 321 8660, p.frei@venturevaluation.com