Search options for “intervention type” and “drug name” are now available in clinical trial section

Zurich, 29th May 2019

The clinical trial section in Biotechgate has received a new feature: it is now possible to search the clinical trial database for the type of intervention you are interested in (e.g. drug, diagnostic test or device). In addition, the option to search for specific drugs, devices, etc. has been implemented, with a system that offers the user helpful suggestions.

Now you can easily search for a specific intervention in Biotechgate by entering the name of the drug, device, biologic etc. The system not only supports you when entering your desired intervention, it even tells you if it is a drug, a genetic or combination product etc. As soon as you find a suitable entry in the list you can easily select it, and any additional interventions you want to search for alongside it. Our “tag search” feature makes it very easy to search for multiple names of drugs, devices or other interventions.


Search options for “intervention type” and “drug name”
Start typing the name of a drug, device, combination product, etc. and the system comes up with suggestions and allows you to select and tag several items from the list.

More than 10 types of intervention are currently available. You can even select from a list if you want to search for the clinical trials of a specific intervention type. For example, you can carry out a search to find phase I trials using drugs and diagnostic tests.


Search options for “intervention type” and “drug name” 2
Just select the relevant types of intervention from the list to filter the clinical trial database accordingly.

The data for these intervention types is also available to download in excel format. Now, there are columns available that will tell you the name of the drug, device, combination product, etc. of the specific clinical trial entry. Today, this data is available for nearly 150,000 clinical trial records. The entire database is updated constantly and includes more than 500,000 clinical trials.

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