New Biotechgate Database Application

New Biotechgate Database Application


This week, we launched the new version of the Biotechgate database application

We hope it will make using the database even more efficient and enjoyable.

The major difference is improved usability for the users of mobile devices as well as the implementation of some new search features. Thanks to the optimised design and navigation, it is now even easier to look for a company in the database or use our Global Life Science Map. The new website automatically adjusts to different screen sizes, browser types and operation systems.

It also provides the option to save the log-in credentials. This means users do not have to repeatedly enter their log in details every time they use Biotechgate which is especially helpful for mobile device users.


For both, mobile and desktop, new database search options have also been added. It is currently possible to search the database by the type of Headquarters (e.g. local or global HQ). In addition, all sections, such as technologies, financing rounds and management details can be filtered by the companies’ therapeutic areas.

These changes are highlighted in the Excel download feature giving a much more comprehensive and accurate list of results.

Due to the increased volume of content and visitors to Biotechgate, we have also ensured that the speed and efficiency of the database are upheld.

All the above changes were made based on feedback from our users which we are always happy to receive.


New Biotechgate Database Application

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