global life science map

Explore Our Global Life Science Map with this Special Preview

Our global life science map can be an invaluable source of information when planning your next business trip. The map’s location-based search feature brings to life more than 39,000 companies worldwide and makes it easy to find companies located around a specific area.

Here is how it works:

  • After you log-in to your Biotechgate account, click on “Map Search” in the main navigation panel. The Global Life Science Map appears and you have the following search options:
  • Sector search: Tick a checkbox to select your desired industry sector, such as Biotech, Pharma or Medtech. Click “Refine” to view the company profiles.
  • Company search: Add a company name to the field “Search companies” >> click “search”.
  • Browsing: Hold down the left mouse button to move the map around. Use the zoom bar on the left side (or the wheel of your mouse) to zoom in and out the map.

global life science map

Click on a pin to see the company name and address. By clicking on “Company Profile”, you can see the complete company information such as management contacts, product pipelines etc.

A free preview of the map is available here >>

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